You May Fire When Ready Aliens and mirrors, oh my!

Project Description

Zorgnak is a simple little alien, sent on a simple little mission: destroy the enemy planets! Unfortunately for Zorgnak, his spaceship’s engines have died, and he’s just out of range from his target. Zorgnak refuses to give up, though. A resourceful little alien, Zorgnak came prepared. Use his jet-propelled tools to redirect his planet busting laser to take out the target.

User mirror's and other tools to direct your laser to the planets to succeed in your goal.

My Role



Windows App Store


Unity 4

Dev Time

4 weeks

Team size



Windows 8, Web

This was the first published game on which I was producer. It was prototype that was pitched, designed and created in just over 4 weeks. It was an exhilarating rush to create something so quickly. I created many of the puzzles in the game, and helped get assets into the engine. I also presented the app for peer approval and published it on the windows app store.

This concept of mirrors to direct 'streams' was subsequently copied, almost identically, and made into various popular games on both the Google Play and iOS app store.

A vide of the prototype in action

If you have a Windows 8 or 8.1 computer, you can download the prototype:

YMFWR on the Windows App Store.

© Brenton Walker