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Project Description

The Sims 3 store was the online DLC hub for the game. The Sims franchise was so vast and so expandable, that the Store necessarily had a short turnaround time in generating content. This content needed to be frequent because The Sims has one of the most ravenous communities in terms of content consumption.

The Store packages were a double edged sword. They gave completely new functionality with all content in the game, but this subsequently created more complex testing cases. This made it a unique QA cahllenge, but a very valuable one.

My Role

Engineering QA


2011 - 2012


Sims 3

Dev Time


Team size




Because I had the most experience working with the development team, when Sims 3 Showtime shipped I was moved over to the Store team with the remaining engineers. This was a fun change because were were constantly creating new things. I smoketested and created testing plans for all new objects before they went on store.

Because of the vast universe of the Sims 3, a single object could have large test requirements. I tested and was part of the approval team for objects before they went live.

The cowplant object was so popular in the Sims 3 store that the original design, model, and functionality was carried over to the Sims 4. Though the video is from the Sims4, it is the same object that our team released.

If you have The Sims 3, you can still buy the above DLC by searching them:

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