Sims 3 Showtime Making sims famous

Project Description

The sixth expansion pack for the Sims 3, the first expansion developed entirely at EA Salt Lake. The expansion brought new careers, locations, and abilities to sims, mostly relating to show business.

This was the first expansion for the sims 3 made in Salt Lake City. The team was new to the making expansions, but had some fantastic ideas that carried over even today in the franchise.

My Role

Engineering QA


PC/Mac 2012


Sims 3

Dev Time

9 months

Team size



Windows / OS X

Transitioning from troublesome but consistent 3DS hardware to the less consistent, and still troublesome PC platform was an enjoyable ride. This was my first foray into building a game for literally hundreds of system configurations, and it was a unique challenge. I was still a member of the engineering team after transitioning during the Pets 3DS project. I further became entrenched as liasion between QA and Engineering attending both daily stand ups and communicating between leads.

I ran tests on code before it entered the main dev line, often helping engineers tweak code on their own workstations and gave recommendations on fixes. I also was a main part of the ESRB, alpha, beta, and final submission and approval team in creating tests and checks.

Marketing video for release

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