What Scientist Am I? Adventure at the museum

Project Description

The ‘Canyon’ app provides a hook and objective for children (7-10 years old) who enter the Natural History Museum of Utah. The purpose of the app is to generate a specific goal/case for the user which will entice them to visit a specific area in which they have a targeted interest.

Depending on how the user answers qeustions, they'll be given categorized as one of half a dozen scientists, and given a specific object to find in the museum. It is the first installation/exhibit in the museum and has an estimated audience of nearly 100,000 people annually.

My Role



Canyon App


August 2014


Unity 4.5

Dev Time

4 months

Team size


I was the producer and a designer on the project. The project did not start with a design and I lead the design process through various iterations.

I oversaw questions and outcome combinations (over 600 possible) and wrote logic for the backend, as well as organized and imported assets into the code. I worked with the museum on both front and backend hardware and managed the install of the app on site.

I developed this app while simultaneously working on 'Ecosystem Explorer'.

The app as run on a touchscreen in the museum

Because "What Scientist Am I" is a permanent installation of the Natural History Museum, I can't give out the source publicly. Contact me for more information.

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