Dino Lab - Research Quest Building Dinosaurs

Project Description

An experimental educational experience built for middle school students to promote critical thinking development. Players build dinosaurs using 3d scanned dinosaur bones, test them in various scenarios, then analyze the results.

The Dino Lab prototype is a module of a collaborative research project between The University of Utah's Therapeutic Games and Apps Lab (The GApp) and the Natural History Museum of Utah.

My Role



Research Quest


May 2015


Unity 4/5

Dev Time

1.0 year

Team size


I was the producer and a designer on the project. The project did not start with a design. During half of the production cycle (5 months) the project underwent nearly a dozen iterations in an effort to better understand ways to teach critical thinking through games.

I managed the team, resources, communication with subject experts and museum and core design throughout many iterations. I also presented the project to various committees and academic groups to help secure future grant funding. I also organized and ran playtests with multiple teacher and student groups.

The project is ongoing but you can see the prototype below.

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An example of the flow of the prototype.

Dino Lab - Research Quest is a prototype and is in ongoing development at the Natural History Museum of Utah. Because of this, it is not yet ready for public download. Stay tuned!

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