3D Social Startup

Project Description is start up mobile 3D social network built in Unity - a mix of both social and game worlds.

The start up experience was exhilarating and allowed me to meet dozens of brilliant people and learn invaluable things I would not have learned elsewhere.

My Role

Unity Engineering QA




Unity 4

Dev Time

6 Months

Team size



As the first QA hire in the company I was assigned to the Unity engineering team and wrote the initial test plans for the project. As I began graduate school, I transitioned from full time to 30 hours and helped in the process of hiring a full time QA lead. Once hired, I subsequently trained and helped acclimate him.

I maintained the bug database and regularly promoted development builds to our alpha testers on a live site.

This promotional video shows off the objective of the app and some early alpha footage.

Currently N/A

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