Ecosystem Explorer Flora and fauna of Utah

Project Description

An interactive exhibit in the "Life" section of the Natural History Museum of Utah. A group trivia game that contains 10 categories of '-est' questions about the flora and fauna of Utah.

The experience is built with the intention of having multiple users participating at the same time.

My Role



August 2014


Unity 4.5

Dev Time

4 months

Team size




I was the producer and a designer on the project. The project did not start with a design and I lead the design process through various iterations.

I oversaw writing and managing the question database, as well as organized and imported assets into the code. I managed all digital images and their implementation into the code. I also organized and ran various playtests with school groups and pivoted based on feedback.

I worked with the museum on both front and backend hardware and managed the install of the app on site.

I developed this app while simultaneously working on 'Which Scientist Am I?'.

The app as run on a touchscreen in the museum

Because "Ecosystem Explorer" is a permanent installation of the Natural History Museum, I can't give out the source publicly. Contact me for more information.

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